1. Responsibility Europe, a new CSR label and certification? 

Not entirely, Responsibility Europe is more of a “top label” attesting to the high quality of existing CSR labels and certifications of reference and giving them international recognition. Companies and organisations that obtain it can display it alongside the national label of reference already obtained as proof of their commitment.

2. Is the Responsibility Europe network open to other SD/CSR labels and certifications? 

Yes, absolutely, but SD/CSR labels and certifications wishing to join the network must meet the demanding commitments and criteria set by the Responsibility Europe association.

3. Have criteria been defined to enable labels and certifications to be recognised by Responsibility Europe?

Yes, a grid of criteria has been drawn up. It includes meeting the commitments set out in the Responsibility Europe Manifesto. The grid has been applied to assess the various CSR labels and certifications that are members of the Responsibility Europe network.

4. Can the Responsibility Europe CSR Label be used on its own? 

No, only companies and organisations that have obtained one of the leading recognised SD/CSR labels or certifications can use this international Responsibility Europe label in combination with the CSR label obtained from their national body.

5. Are the labels and certifications recognised by Responsibility Europe independent?


Yes, the organisations that award them ensure that they operate as associations, are neutral and independent of any national or private influence or strategies, and that they carry out independent on-site checks on the companies and organisations that have obtained the label.

The labels and certifications are also financially independent (they are mostly self-financed and remain independent of any governmental or non-profit funding, there are no non-European contributors and no significant private contributions).

6. Is any assessment data entered online by companies and organisations involved in Responsibility Europe recognised labels and certifications secure and does it remain the property of these organisations?

Yes, any data entered by these organisations is hosted on highly secure servers in Europe and is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). End-users retain ownership of the data at all times and can therefore request its deletion at any time.

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