Responsibility Europe forms the international link between CSR labels and certifications sharing the same DNA with strong ethical and European values:

A key reference base linking the regulatory requirements specific to each country and the broad spectrum of aspects gathered in the international reference standard ISO 26000.

A high level of requirement to provide all the guarantees on the level of maturity and performance characterising the global approach of the CSR process and its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

A transparent evaluation methodology to measure the relevance of actions and their results, based on a solid and indisputable rating, according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) logic which goes beyond the legal minimums or the mere implementation of a management system and triggers a real continuous improvement.

On-site quality control by an independent third-party organisation, recognised for its impartiality, expertise and ethics.

Taking into account the expectations of society as well as the interests of internal and external stakeholders, in order to gather objective and relevant information to judge the performance and impact of the CSR approach.

A sincere and credible communication. Obteining the Responsibility Europe CSR Label sends a clear internal and external signal: that of a company or organisation that is committed to a process of change and continuous improvement and bears the consequences of its decisions.

Responsibility Europe, the label of international recognition for companies and organisations that are transforming and innovating to demonstrate their commitment to a more responsible and sustainable world.

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